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Wanna One
Friday, 26 January 2018 • 06:22 • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum to all readers out there! (if there any)
I'm so excited to share to you guys what I have been into recently. No kidding I'm such a big fans of Wanna One. WHat?! You don't know Wanna One ? You better check your eyes dude. Like seriously Wanna One is one of the hottest topics to be talk nowdays. There are such talented young boys that comes from various of company not to mention from those 3 big company except for sm ent. Eh, that summarize for produce 101 seasons 2 i mean. Hehehe. I'm sorry my mistakes!

Back to our main topic here, so I'm so into Wanna One these days, actually I'm stanning them since their Produce 101 days, it is like around April last year ? in 2017. At first there reasons why I want to watch produce 101 is because I know there gonna have pledis trainees and as we all known it was NUEST members !!! SO that is the main reason why I started to watch produce 101.

Like at first I'm such a hardcore fan of Kim Jonghyun aka Jr , but then Lai Guanlin comes to my life and make such a mess in my brain(if that make sense) hahaha.  Then I started to support Jr and guanlin till the last episode of Produce 101. It is quite of embarassing to tell you guys that I did cried when i know that Kim Jonghyun doesn't make to the top 11 members aka to debut as Wanna One. I cried a lot, padahal esoknya like puasa kot(ramadhan during that time) if i not mistaken it is around 16th June 2017.

And now I'm such a big big fan of Wanna One. Even though I don't have any of their official merchandise or album or anything but I do stan them as much as I can. Like everyday I voted for Kang daniel in kpop star apps. And if there any awards voting sessions I will voting for Wanna One of course.

Sadly, they just a temporary group. Let us cry together. Like IOI in 2016, Wanna One is just like them, they gonna disband by the end of this year i mean in december 2018. We can't see them as a group after 2018 ends. Does this makes sense? Just wait and see. I'm happy to see Park Woojin and Lee daehwi to reunite with mxm aka brand new music boys but I'm going to be sad because they will leave Wanna One soon, also I'm excited to see Hwang Minhyun goes back to his own group but I'm also sad to see he will leave Kim Jaehwan aka his  clingy partner.

Last but not least, this post is just about Wanna One, even though I tak pergi their fanmeet in KL last two weeks, but then I support them in my heart(hehehe). Ps, there is rumour saying that Wanna One gonna makes concert tour and I READ THERES KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA in their lists. I'm not going i think, because my parents is kinda strict so no chance la nak pergi kan.

I think thats all from me. Thankyou for reading! <3 much loves from me

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